Godoys de Guatemala is a medium-sized family operated coffee business. We grow, process, roast, and export high-quality coffee worldwide. Our farm is located in the south east corner of Guatemala near the border with El Salvador on a small volcano called Moyuta. The coffee from our region (Nuevo Oriente or New Eastern region) is composed primarily of small to medium-sized plantations and the roasted coffee tends to have notes of chocolate in the cup and aftertaste.

We have several small growing areas which range in altitude from 4,500 to 6,000 feet above sea level. All the coffee is shade-grown, hand-picked and sun-dried. The coffee is produced in a sustainable manner: all the by-products of the processing are composted and mixed back into the soil. We use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on our farm. Whenever possible natural trees have been maintained as shade. Nitrogen-fixing trees have been planted to improve soil composition and provide a natural bird and animal refuge.

The harvest takes place once a year from December through February. The coffee, in its cherry form, is handpicked and carefully selected for ripeness, then taken for processing where the cherries are de-pulped and sent to fermentation tanks. After a controlled fermentation, the beans are washed of all sticky pulp and set to dry on cement patios. The wet-mill system we use recycles water to minimize environmental impact.

At our facility in Guatemala City, the beans are processed again to remove the parchment hull which leaves them ready to roast. We process an average of 600 lbs. of coffee daily. All roasted coffee is hand selected and packed.